intelligent Data Extraction, Analysis and Standardisation

Transform Untamed Data Efficiently

A unified platform combining our AI/ML, software development and clinical research expertise to simplify the process of migrating legacy data to CDISC standards, analysis and reporting.

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Easy to use, logical interface

iDEAS has a user friendly interface developed with the help of biostatisticians and data analysts. This makes valuable information at your fingertips at all times.

Driven by an AI powered blackbox

iDEAS is powered by ML based black box that will continuously learn along with each study. Accuracy of predictions will help your team to automate further with every step.

Function reuse and simple programming

Our intellisense driven IDE will help you write complex programming logic with just a few clicks. Most commonly used functions come pre-loaded while custom built functions can be saved for future use.

Access, Availability and Authorization

iDEAS gets deployed in the Cloud server, providing authorized access to your studies 24*7. Team members can view completed domains, access datasets, refer to raw files and view study progress in real-time.


Version 2.0

  • Generate RAW to SDTM Specification
  • Use system recommended mapping
  • Generate and download SDTM Datasets
  • In-built CDISC IG validation messages
  • Download Specification
  • Incremental RAW data standardization
  • Store customized mapping logic for reuse in other studies
  • Follows the process enlisted in IG with regards to standardization
  • Adherence to compliance requirements - regulatory, audit, security
  • Web-based app - no installation required
  • On-premise deployment on dedicated servers
  • Multi-factor, token based API authentication
  • Secure channels for file transfers, Data encryption
  • SSL based client-server communication
  • Failover, data backup and archiving
  • Role based access - Admin, Owner, Manager, User

Versions & Value Adds

Version 3.0 and beyond

Reduce the development time of -

  • SDTM datasets from raw datasets by 65%
  • ADaM datasets from SDTM datasets by 80%
  • TFL from ADaM datasets by 50%

Reduce manpower requirement to complete the Raw Data -> SDTM -> ADaM -> TFL generation by 60%

Less prone to human errors due to ML driven SDTM generation blackbox.

Patient profiling, ISS/ISE Datasets and other automated workflows in the pipeline.